How do I upload my files ?

On the main workstation, you click the blue arrow on the left to open the window that allows you to access files from your system. You can select up to 10 files to begin the drayp-ing process.

How large can my files be for upload and in what format?

Your file should be in JPG format and should not exceed 5MB. Get started to visualise your designs on stunning mock-ups.

How many files can I Drayp at once?

With Drayp, you can upload ten files at a time.

How do I download the mock-ups?

Once you’ve shortlisted your mock-ups and added them to your cart, enter your email & check your inbox for a download link.

Can I get personalised mock-ups?

Mr. Drayp is curious, write to us.

Do you have more features coming up?

A lot is brewing, sign up to our newsletter to receive the news first.

That's great, you're all set !
How often do you add new mock-ups?

We add new mock-ups every couple of days / weeks. Sign up to our newsletter and receive an email every time new mock-ups are up.

That's great, you're all set !
Hey! I didn’t receive my mock-ups on email.

That’s a bummer, don’t worry we’re here to help. Write to us.

Are my designs safe/protected when using Drayp?

Don’t worry, Drayp is secured and your files are safe. Our servers hold onto your files just long enough till you’ve received them. Not feeling settled? We’re always open to talk. Write to us.

What’s your privacy policy?
For how long is my download link valid?

You gotta be fast but not hasty. Mr. Drayp will hold onto your files for 07 days.

Where do my download files get saved?

We’ve sent a link to your email. Check your spam folder if its not in your inbox. A simple click will download the files onto your system. Check your downloads folder.

Does Drayp support mobile devices?

We’re getting there. Stay tuned for updates.

Can I share the download link with people?

Yes, sure. The link expires in 07 days. Be fast but not hasty.

Do I need to login to use Drayp?

No, you need not. Drayp lets you visualize your designs on stunning mock-ups with just a few clicks.

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